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What is the Olympus Advantage?

It is simple, we pride ourselves in the quality of coaching, our core values and our location.


1. Quality of coaching:
Do your homework! No club in Atlanta gives you an opportunity to work with the experience of coaches at Olympus. With a combined experience over 40 years of coaching at ALL LEVELS, you can't ask for a better place to send your child to gain from the best minds in Atlanta. We are not about size. We will never be about size. We are all about quality and your ROLE as a parent. Why go play on a 2, 3, 4, 5 even 6 team, when you can shine on a 1 team? We have NO MORE THAN 2 TEAMS per age group! If we reach our maximum number of 12 players, we close that age group! We focus on one team and we have dedicated coaches who nurture that team and bring out the best volleyball out of everyone. Our coaches are still playing competitive volleyball, still coaching in college and highly certified and still playing for their national teams. Do your research and give yourself or your child the best opportunity to succeed. We are the only club that has developed a unique coaching system called Direct impact coaching that is used exclusively by us, for us and it has worked for our Athletes for many years. See our coaches Bios for more information.

2. Our Core Values.
Our slogan is "Bringing Out the Best Volleyball in You!" That is our promise to you, the Athlete, nothing less. We spend all our resources developing tools, people and creating environments where you can succeed and be the best you can be. It's about YOU, not US.

3. Our Location, Location, Location.
We are in a unique area of Atlanta. You can access our gyms from 3 major highways. 85, 75 and 285. If you live in Atlanta, you know how important that is. Time is money. We want to save you both! Our gym Locations are only 5 minutes from each other. You do not have to run to different gyms every practice. You will be practicing out of one gym the entire season. Take advantage of our location, location, location.

Need more information on why you should join us, call one of our Directors at 404 666 8685 or 404 457 8555 and we shall be
happy to have a conversation about Olympus Volleyball. See you soon!

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