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What is Direct Impact Coaching?

Direct Impact Coaching is a coaching system that was developed by a group of coaches with over 20 years of coaching and playing experience. The idea behind this system is simple, we developed a system that maximizes the winning potentials of a team but respects the ability of each player. We also define the challenges of each individual and show that player how they can improve by giving her or him specific instruction such as workout regimens, nutrition, and Direct Impact clinical instructions.

Why the individual not the team?

Let's face it, every team starts with an individual. That's where our focus begins, too. There is no point is spending all your time teaching a team whatever it is that needs to be taught when the individual has challenges to overcome. Unless the individual is sufficiently taught what to do, the team is a collection of individuals trying to pursue a common goal. Our emphasis is on individual ability to play at the level the coach wants the team to perform. You want a team to play open level volleyball, every player on that team must be skilled enough and have the mindset and ability to play at the open level as a team.

Who and why Direct Impact Coaching?

Direct Impact Coaching is a coaching system designed for beginners, junior high, high school and college players. DIC consists of a comprehensive curriculum that’s covered over a season or a session depending on what you want to accomplish and how much time you have. All events cover foundational topics such as motor learning, fundamental skills, volleyball drills, offensive systems, defensive systems and much more. Direct Impact Coaching is on the cutting edge of volleyball training with vast amounts of study and statistics behind out proven methods. Our clinic curriculum continues to be refined as we learn more about new coaching methods, modern technology and new advances in the game. Because over 75% of coaching is about relationships, we spend plenty of time building and maintaining successful relationships. We build that coach-player relationship that fosters trust, accountability and a common goal to get better and win more game while having fun.

One of the best things about DIC is the scientific approach to the game.  Movement patterns, defensive and offensive systems, practice design and management, player motivation – every aspect of playing and coaching volleyball is analyzed and implemented through statistics, modern research, and supportive data. Most of what we teach in DIC are principles that are derived through real-world experience.
DIC is a “hands-on” coaching system. We spend a significant amount of time on game situation drills, so you can learn by doing! If you have specific questions about any aspect of DIC, please email us at [email protected].

DIC focuses on the following topics:

  1. Intro to Motor Learning
  2. Fundamental Skills 1
  3. Fundamental Skills 2
  4. Understanding Defensive Systems
  5. Understanding Offensive Systems
  6. Movement On/Off Ball
  7. Critical Thinking
  8. How to Score
  9. Rotations 101
10. Taking Control of Your Destiny

Direct Impact Coaching Resources

The fastest way for players to fully understand and appreciate what DIC is by signing up for our Direct Impact Clinics to dive right into our Philosophy. For coaches and parents, we have manuals related to DIC that will be posted here for download after you sign up or become part of the Olympus Family. You can also call us and talk to us about your goal and we can advise you on how to achieve them. You can also visit for more information.


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