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"Olympus training is what makes the difference! If I was looking to just play volleyball, I would go somewhere else, I was looking for a place where coaches taught the game and took my daughters level of play to a whole new level and thats what Olympus is all about."
Olive | Parent

"The minute I walked into that gym, I knew Olympus was the right place for my family. Coaches are very experienced. Coach James's passion for taking the girls to the next level is unmatched, I will always call Olympus home" 
- Denson | Parent

"This year was our first year with Olympus. The club really has a family feel and the coaches and parents made us feel welcome. Our daughter, Chase, played on the 15U team and really grew as a player under Coach James' direction. His "direct impact" methodology improved Chase's skills in the areas she needed most.  She aspires to play college volleyball and we found Coach James' recruiting sessions provided helpful information to guide Chase to the next level."  
- Lisa Barber | Parent

"My daughter participated in a few clinics directed by Coach James and Olympus volleyball last winter. He taught her new skills and helped tighten up her minimal, previous skill set in a matter of minutes. His demeanor is "just right". He offers positivity and instruction simultaneously and has a great rapport with his students. My daughter is thinking about leaving swimming, a sport that she has enjoyed immensely since she was in kindergarten, so that she can pursue volleyball and hopefully be on an Olympus club team. I attribute my daughter's interest in volleyball to Coach James and the amazing methods in which he (and his group of coaches) teach and communicate."
- Jules | Parent

"Olympus volleyball is a perfect example of how teamwork divides the task and multiples it's success on the court. Teaching each player that winners are not defined by the number of wins but by never quitting.  Keep up the good work!"
-Rachel Ray | Fan

"Olympus has transformed my daughter from a curious volleyballer to a confident young lady and we can't thank Olympus enough!"  

- MaggieParent

"Our daughter’s volleyball skill level and capabilities sky rocketed with Olympus.  I was amazed to see how much she progressed from the beginning of the season to the end of the season."
Brenda | Parent

"My child was a newbie to volleyball when she started training with James.  She was able to acquire great skills and understanding of the game through this program.  She learned how to work with other players on the court and she really enjoyed the individual sessions.  I would highly recommend the sessions to anyone who wants to strengthen their skills and knowledge of volleyball."
- Tonya | Parent

"The coaches at Olympus have been amazing, can not thank them enough"
- Asayo | Player

"Olympus has been an amazing experience. All the coaches have a main objective and it is to build their players up for success.  They all execute this objective very well with their commitment to every individual player. It's the love for the sport we all share that makes us a big volleyball family and the determination that makes us the best club out there !"
- Teryn Simmons | Player


"Coach James and Kami has been so instrumental in making my daughter believe in herself, you guys rock"
- Charles | 

"This was the first season of club volleyball for our daughters and it was a great experience!  They enjoyed the Olympus and learned a lot.  James and Kami are excellent teachers.  It was exciting to watch as the team improved with each tournament!"
- Ken & Heather Leahy | Parents

This is why we do, what we do! 

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